A Belated Happy New Year.

22 January 2015


I can not believe it's 2015 - and we're already nearing the end of January.. Where has the time gone?! 
Happy New Year! 

Sorry for such a delay in this post, I've had a little break away and I didn't have my laptop with me -  I had a fantastic time and am now ready to start 2015 back up and running.. hopefully coming back to blogging with a vengeance and 2015 will be my year of blog. 
I hope you all had a fabulous new years, please leave me a comment below and tell me what you did! I love hearing about everyone's new year plans. 
I spent it with my gorgeous boyfriend, starting off at the local pub and ended up making our way into town... oops! But I had a great night and danced the night away ... quite literally ... 

It's already the 22nd of January and I think it's now time to stop procrastinating and start making the yearly goals and resolutions we all make at the start of every year. Like I would imagine most of your first goals to being, is to get back on the healthy eating and gym routine road and start getting the summer bod's ready! .. I know that's certainly my first new years thoughts, and without further a due, I went back to the gym yesterday! .. and I'm positive I will be grabbing the active blend blender back out from the cupboard and will be turning a few of my meals into a drink blend... having a lot of fresh fruit smoothies - I'm also quite intrigued about the results of the Juice diet, please let me know if you've given this a try! I'd love to have some feedback on it before I take the leap and start juicing all sorts of random vegetables together.

I'm also thinking about doing another detox tea, I did the Your Tea teatox, and as it worked wonders for me last time I would quite like to give it/or a new tea a go -- again, if you've tried any detox tea's pleeeease let me know what and how you got on! (If you haven't read my review on Yourtea, you can read it here). Please feel free to comment and share any new tips you've been trying recently, I'm always on the hunt of new ideas. 

Leggings: Primark
Sports bra: H&M
Hoodie: Jack wills

Another thing I'm going to strive to do is to be more o r g a n i s e d. 

This is something I started to touch upon last year, however, this year I would like to have regular blog posts, which need to be planned, photographed and thought through. I've found writing down idea's as they come to me has helped when coming to write a new post, as coming up with new idea's is something I struggle with if I'm trying to think of it there and then - so writing them all down quickly or taking a screenshot of something I'm interested in talking about has become a great help so far. My diary is full of different idea's jotted all over the place.. whether I'll ever be able to make sense of it is another matter! Organisation is something I'm going to definitely strive to do, starting from..... now! (If you know off/or have a blog post about scheduling blog posts please link them down below I would love to have a read).

Organisation is key, and the best thing about it for me? - Buying a new diary.
Aaaaaah, there's nothing better than buying a new notebook or diary or new pens!! *Heart Eye Face*. This has got to be one of my favourite things to shop for (alongside make-up, clothes, shoes, handbags, phone accessories and pajama's of course!) 

It's 100% safe to say, (like a lot of you I'm sure) that I have a LOT of beauty wants this year. I've got my eye on the new bold metal real techniques brushes, I think there absolutely gorgeous - and sooner or later one of those will be making an appearance into my make up collection! As well as the zoeva rose gold brushes.. aaah I'm drooling just thinking about them .. since when did make up brushes get so pretty?!  

Wishing you all the best 2015 

don't forget to leave me a comment - I would love to hear from you!

Love, H x


"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. 
Write a good one."


  1. My goals really are just the same as yours haha! I've been determined to get myself a little healthier and I'm starting fitness classes twice a week at uni, and I reeeaaally want to be more organised with blogging after having a massive break over christmas!

    Hannah xx

    1. Hey Hannah, Omg I know! Tell me about it! The struggle of swapping the crisps to apples is hard hehe. xx