11 May 2015

I have to first give credit to my brother for inspiring me with this post. He recently found a new smoothie recipe and after making it for me I became addicted - and even better, it's healthy too! You can make this for breakfast or as a little day time snack, whatever time of day you have it, it's guaranteed to make you feel that little bit happier - because it's just so delicious! It's so easy and simple to make, and it's a great healthy alternative.

SO let's get started...

You Will Need:

A blender
A glass/jar to serve up your smoothie
1 banana
4/5 strawberries
A handful of blueberries/blackberries
Orange juice
Cup of milk (I used almond milk because I love it!)

What To Do.. 

I have the active blend blender, which I absolutely love! It makes making smoothie's/drinks sooo much easier. 
(I think I might do a review, let me know if you'd be interested in reading one?) 
Place all of the fruit into your blender, along with the milk and orange juice, then press the button and wizz all your ingredients together until there are no more lumps! 
I tend to do mine for around 3-5 minutes just to make sure everything's mixed together. 
You can also add some natural yogurt.. I didn't add it this time, but I have done before and it tastes yum!  

Next pour it into your glass, and voilĂ ! Enjoy your delicious yet nutritious homemade fruit smoothie!

The fruit doesn't have to be fresh either, you can buy frozen fruit to keep in the freezer and then that way you won't run out for a while - this is what my brother uses. So you won't have to spend a huge amount of money on always having fresh fruit, even better! 

I find this great to have in the morning for breakfast as it's quite filling for a morning, or whenever I'm creeping over to the crisp/chocolate/snack basket I'll make this instead of eating the unhealthy choice. 

We popped ours into a mason jar, and enjoyed them whilst catching up on our netflix series. Peeerfect! 

Tweet me, DM me, share with me on anything, comment below, instagram me if you make this recipe! Would love to know how yours turned out and if you enjoyed it as much as me. 

Speak soon,
love, H x

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