Soap and Glory Haul

28 July 2015

So I'm 100 years late joining the Soap and Glory band wagon, and I feel like I've missed out for all these years. I always walked past the Soap and Glory sections and never even gave them a second glance - times have changed. FOREVER.
I've seen a few Soap and Glory products that everyone seems to have, whether it be on a youtube video or a blog post I've seen a few products constantly being talked about.. so I thought, perhaps I should give them a go? And aren't I glad I did!! I'm absolutely loving them.

I went onto the boots website and selected a few products I'd seen being promoted frequently and an extra one too. Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on Soap and Glory products at the time so I got one for free - eveeeeen better.

First up, 'Clean On Me' shower gel. THIS. SMELLS. INSANE. I love trying out new shower gel's all the time, as they play a huge part in the whole day to day shower process. And it's safe to say, this one - IS AMAZING. It glides over your skin wonderfully, leaving your skin feeling SO soft. It smells equally as wonderful, which is very important for a shower gel. The smell doesn't wash away after you've washed it off either, giving you a fresh scent for the rest of the day. I would 100% recommend you immediately go and buy this, it is great. I've never known a shower gel turn my skin so soft so quickly, which is a big yes from me as the whole moisturizing process for me is very time consuming and I tend to opt out of it - so being able to moisturize AND wash at the same time is the ultimate shower goals.

I can't express how excited I am writing about all these products! I just love them all! Okay so next we have the Soap and Glory 'Whipped Clean, Shower Butter'. Again, another great smelling softening to the skin wonderful wonderful concoction! This is great to use when shaving your legs, it makes them so smooth afterwards and it doesn't leave your legs with that dried out skin feeling. It's very moisturizing, and easy to glide along your skin. 

Next, 'Butter Yourself Body Cream'... I can already tell this blog post is going to be me just repeating myself over and over again about the smell of each of these products - but honestly, they all smell incredible. If you're passing boots, or a store that sells Soap and Glory just pick them up and take a sniff, you will LOVE it. Mmmmm, so good. I'm not normally one to ever pick up a body cream, I have to admit - but with the 3 for 2 offer at the time I was strangely drawn to trying one out. The smell was something that grabbed me straight away, as it isn't too strong - which is something you need to be careful with when choosing a body cream as it remains on your skin smelling throughout the day/night, so the scent has to be right. It's very moisturizing to the skin, I particularly use this on my legs to preserve my tan and to keep them silky smooth and soft for the perfect summer leg look. It's not overly sticky and wet either, which is something that's always put me off using a cream as I find I'm sliding about everywhere afterwards and I have that horrible greasy feeling.

And last but not least, 'Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub'. This scrub is one I've seen over and over again being talked about - particularly on blogs and youtube videos. I was extremely excited to try this out as I've recently been using the H&M scrub. The smell (again!) is very oaty, and is almost like a porridgey smell (the name 'breakfast scrub' really hits the nail on the head with the smell of this scrub). The scrub itself is lovely, the texture is just right and glides across your skin exfoliating as it goes - dreamy. 

I've found all 4 products leave your skin feeling so so so soft, it's wonderful. Even when I'm just having a quick shower and am only using the shower gel it still leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft - which is something that I absolutely love, as it leaves you feeling great. I'd highly recommend these for everyone's shower routine, they're brilliant. I will definitely be trying out some more Soap and Glory products for sure.. which, if you are already an avid user, please leave me some recommendations in the comments, I need to try some more!! 
Hope this haul has given you a little bit more of an insight into the wonderful world of Soap and Glory. 

Love H 


  1. I love soap and glory so much, you should really try the breakfast smoothie body lotion.

    1. I can't believe it's taken me this long to try there products!! Ooooh, that sounds good, thanks honey! x