New Glasses and Life Update

31 October 2015

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I have a slightly different sort of post for you today, and I'm very excited about it! If you didn't know already I have to wear glasses, as I'm short sighted and have a lot of difficulty seeing things far away.. can't even see the telly without them on! *sad face*
So anyway, I've been wearing glasses for a few years now, and it was time for an upgrade and a new eye test. My old pair were super glued on both arms (each arm at some point had snapped off after someone had sat on them or me knocking my face), and they were not looking as fresh as they once did - the optician had a shock when she tried to bend them closed and both arms remained rock solid, glued. So I think it was safe to say they were definitely ready for the bin!

I decided to go to Specsavers this time for my eye test and glasses, simply because I had a £5 eye test voucher and I thought this was a great promotional offer. (I'd also eyed up a few pairs of gorgeous glasses that I wanted to try too!) I'd never had any dealings with Specsavers before so I had no idea what to expect. I was SO impressed with the service I received from the team at Cardiff Specsavers. I was blown away at how professional and friendly everyone was and how quick they were to help. The eye test itself was very officiant and didn't last any longer than half an hour with all my eye readings and results ready to go.

I was most excited about choosing myself a brand new pair of glasses, and taking full advantage of the 2 for 1 offer Specsavers have on glasses I went mad in the aisles. Glasses mad. I have now gone glasses mad. For all of my fellow glasses wearers out there I'm sure you know the exact feeling I'm talking about. So, the thing was, I liked them all. How do you decide when you love 20 pairs of glasses? It was tricky. After trying on what felt like thousands of pairs of glasses, with my mum and boyfriend giving me a strong yes or a no, I finally selected the final 3 fabulous pairs. It was the start of a beautiful friendship right there and then.

I was so thankful to the assistant who helped us raid through the trillions of pairs of glasses, and remained patient throughout the process of me finding my new best friends. I couldn't believe it when one of the 3 pairs were able to be fitted and prepared with my new lenses while we waited and paid! I walked in on a Sunday afternoon without an appointment, within 5 minutes was being seen by the optician herself and within an hour I had brand new, fully fitted prescription lenses glasses ready to go! I was/and still am so impressed with Specsavers, and I recommend them to anyone who struggles with there sight to definitely give them a try. 10/10 from me!

The daily struggle now, is deciding which pair of glasses to wear everyday.

So as the title suggests, a life update is in order. I just wanted to tell you I've got so many amazing things planned for my blog and I can't wait to hear/see what you all think! I'm also delving into the YouTube world and have my very first vlog video in the pipe line - it's all very exciting stuff. I also want to say a HUGGGGE thank you to everyone, as I really do appreciate everyone's support for reading and following me on my blog journey. And if there's anything you'd like to see featured on my blog or potentially as a video please leave your idea's in the comments below I would LOVE to know your thoughts. Oh, and also! If you have any Specsavers stories of your own, share those too!

Speak soon,
Love H xx


  1. These glasses are really nice, I bet they really suit you! I know it's bad but I've always wanted to wear glasses haha. Also, good luck with youtube! How exciting xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Aw thank you so much! I do love them I have to say, but it gets a bit frustrating when you're laying on your side trying to watch the tv and they go all lopsided!
      Eeek, thank you so much!! I'm very excited too xx