Cornwall Coast Tandem Adventures

22 November 2015 Cornwall, UK

It's Sunday morning, after a pancake breakfast in bed watching catch up TV from the night before and the question 'What should we do today?' springs up. What better way to spend some quality time with your other half then hiring a tandem for the day and cycling to the beautiful seaside town of Padstow? I know Jon and I would agree it was a pretty great idea. If you're like me, and have never rode a tandem before then let me assure you it isn't as scary as you might have first thought. Granted at the start (I was on the back) I was scared stiff and wouldn't take my hands off the handle bars, but towards the end I was getting well into it! With Jon at the front controlling the steering, it was a little bit nerve wracking as I couldn't see in front and when we needed to pass people it was a bit of a shock suddenly being pulled to the left unexpected - but hey, it was all good fun! However, you could sadly tell when one person wasn't peddling.. so when I fancied having a back seat relax resting my little legs, Jon would quickly tell  me to start peddling again - damn it! Hehe.

We were very lucky to pick such a gorgeous autumn day to do it. The sun was shining and it wasn't too cold - it was the perfect tandem riding day. We vlogged our trip, so I will let you know when our video is up on my new YouTube channel, but in the meantime head over and subscribe so you never miss a new video >

Padstow is such a cute, beautiful seaside location. Having been there before I had forgotten how pretty it was. We locked our bike up and headed straight for the fish and chip shop, of course! The harbor was filled with boats happily bopping on top of the water. We found a bench over looking the beautiful scenes to perch on and sat and ate our fabulous fish and chip lunch. You have to be on high seagull alert when it comes to Padstow, as there are a million seagulls waiting to swoop down and eat your food, so the tactical covering up of the chips was in order.

We both had a fabulous day and will definitely do it again in the summertime. I would definitely recommend going on your own tandem adventure!

H xx


  1. You took some amazing pictures! Cornwall looks beautiful!

    Aim | x x

    1. Thank you so much! It really was beautiful! The views we had eating our lunch were lovely. I have a vlog of the day going up on my YouTube channel on Wednesday so keep a look out for that hehe! X