The New British Natural Skin Care Products - Eloquence*

25 January 2016

Happy Monday! The weekend is already over and we're saying hello to a fresh new week, I hope your Monday is wonderful. I have a lovely natural product skin care range to share with you all today, and it's one I'm pretty excited to try. Eloquence skincare brand have just hit the market and have introduced 5 new skincare products which they believe will change the skincare regime game for good. I was very lucky to receive there brand new products and I couldn't wait to give them a go.  

The first thing that grabbed me was the gorgeous packaging - the radiant lime green and silver combo looks really clean and fresh, which are the vibes you definitely want to get from a skincare brand. They look lovely sitting in the bathroom ready to use.

A little bit about Eloquence skin care products.. They all include Sachi Inchi Oil because of the fantastic benefits it has on your skin, hair and nails. You can read all about the oil and the benefits it has on your skin here: - I found it very interesting to learn about and the amount of omega 3 content it has is sure to nourish your skin well, not forgetting the numerous other benefits included in the 100% natural oil. Another thing that grabbed me from the word go is the fact that their products contain no artificial perfume, or hash chemicals making it suitable for every skin type - having very sensitive skin myself this is always something very important for me when considering any products to put on my face so this was a great start!

The Pure Luxury collection features 4 steps to completing your everyday skincare routine. 

Step 1 Purifying Facial Cleanser
Step 2 Firm and Tone Serum
Step 3 Moisturising Eye Gel
Step 4 Protect and Repair 24 Hour Cream

Included in the Luxury collection is a fifth product, the Nourishing Treatment Oil for skin, hair and nails. This is a separate treatment which you can include in your moisturiser, rub on your nails and add to your hair conditioner when washing. 

I can't do any cleansing session until my hair is firmly tied up on top of my head in a bun. It's a lot more satisfying having an open face with no worry of hair falling into your products, and makes you feel a lot more fresh faced afterwards.
I've gone through all the steps Eloquence gave to me, and carried out each product adding a little bit of the oil treatment into my step 4 at the end. Enjoy!

Aaaahh, I felt a lot more alive and fresh ready to tackle the day ahead. I love the smell of all the products - which is a massive thing for me. If something smells lovely I'm much more likely to reach for it and apply it to my face. I warm to skincare products that smell fresh and feel lovely on my skin and I found Eloquence did this well. I also love how the products are numbered in order of how to apply, I'm definitely not a skincare expert so having little details like that really helps me stick to an easy regime and it's very easy to follow. 

You can also buy each of the products separately on the website, so if you already have a favourite eye cream you can add a few Eloquence products into your skincare regime without having to use the whole luxury collection or if you fancied a special treat every now and again the nourishing treatment oil is lovely to use when you're in need of a proper pamper session. As a special treat at the moment they have 20% off each individual product till the end of January with the code JANUARYEQ

What are your favourite skincare products?
Love, H x


  1. You have gorgeous photos! I love using oils in my skin, I think they are so beneficial for the skin. I've never heard of this skin care range before though, my bad!!

    1. Thank you so much! I've never tried an oil before this so it was great to find out what it's like. The brand is a new company and has only just hit the market so that's probably why you haven't come across it before, be sure to have a look at there website! x

  2. These products sound lovely. Would love to try these