How I Spent The Perfect Valentine's Day

22 February 2016

bristol aztec hotel and spa hotel entrance flower display valentines day
bristol aztec hotel and spa aztec west hotel entrance valentines day
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With Valentine's Day only being last week, I still find myself smiling and missing the weekend of relaxation. This year I was treated to a surprise weekend away by my boyfriend (if you're an avid reader of my blog you'll know him as Jon, if you're new here then hello! my boyfriend is in fact called Jon.) After he told me we were off on a surprise adventure, I had a place in mind that I really wanted to spend the weekend, and after a short car journey we arrived at my dream destination! With a gorgeous bouquet of flowers strapped into the back seat, I knew I was in for a weekend of being spoilt rotten and I couldn't wait!
I was so happy to arrive at the Aztec Hotel and Spa in Bristol. What can I say, he knows me so well! We were booked in for the night, with dinner and breakfast and full use of the spa facilities. I was also so lucky to then find out we'd been booked into the spa on Sunday morning to receive treatments! Mine being the most amazing treatment - the 'De-Stresser Aromatherapy Full Body Massage. It was just what I needed, and I couldn't wait for Sunday to arrive.

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The hotel room was beautiful with a separate lounge area. As soon as we checked in we headed straight down to the spa pool area and spent the afternoon lounging around in the swimming pool, steam room and whirl pool. It was perfect. We had a dinner reservation for 7 o'clock, the restaurant was beautiful. A huge roaring fire filled the room with a lovely orange glow and whilst sipping complimentary champagne browsing the menu I couldn't have been happier.

To complete the evening, the food was delicious! We both has fishy starters - King prawns and Calamari. Followed by a gorgeous burger with all the trimmings. It was a lovely evening and after all the swimming and eating we'd done all day we were both very happy when our heads hit the pillow.

bristol aztec hotel and spa swimming pool spa area bristol aztec hotel and spa lounge spa swimming pool area
bristol aztec hotel and spa bar lounge area
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bristol aztec hotel and spa restaurant valentines day weekend champagne
bristol aztec hotel and spa restaurant burger gourmet

With an early rise, we got ready and headed for breakfast. Smoked salmon, scrambled egg and toast is always a winner for me in the morning - especially when it's freshly cooked just for you. Continental breakfast is always my favourite when staying in a hotel, because the little cut up bits of fruit you can have is the best. Then it was back to the room to get our gowns and slippers on and time to hit the spa!
The dressing gowns were so soft I wanted to take it home. I spent most of the time we were there in a gown, it was just too nice to take off! We each headed off into our treatment rooms and eagerly awaited the relaxation. Jon was booked in for a Lifesaving Back Treatment - which he really enjoyed! We'd never had massages before so we were both really impressed afterwards. I can see myself turning into a full on massage addict, booking myself in for one every week.

bristol aztec hotel and spa restaurant breakfast morning
bristol aztec hotel and spa spa weekend valentines day
bristol aztec hotel and spa weekend valentines day treatment room spa massage
bristol aztec hotel and spa treatment room oil massage spa

The lady who did my treatment was so lovely, even her voice made me relaxed! I had a choice of two different oils to use during the massage and I chose the restorative oil. It was lovely and made my skin feel so smooth and refreshed afterwards. Included in my massage was a head treatment, where the lady used a rose scalp mask to give my head that little bit extra looking after making my head feel very nice and refreshed.

The whole experience was pure bliss.

I can't tell you how amazing I felt after the whole weekend. After our treatments feeling very relaxed, refreshed and slightly sleepy we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool area, making the most of the time we had left at the hotel. We didn't have to check out of the room until 1 o'clock - which is amazing! It meant our Sunday didn't have to be rushed, and we didn't need to worry about packing all our things up to leave urgently - how good is that?!

We had a fabulous time and we'll definitely be returning in the not so distant future. It was perfect and I can't thank Jon enough for giving us the first adventure of 2016 together.

Until next time,
Love, H x


  1. Aw! It sounds like a purrrrrfect day. The food looks delicious. Nomnomnom!

    Noor | Noor's Place

    1. It was the perfect weekend! I was so relaxed it was wonderful. And the burger. I've been dreaming about it ever since - delicious!!

  2. This looks so so lovely!! Such cute photographs! Can't beat a nice cosy dressing gown! x

    1. It really was amazing! I felt so relaxed. I've been wishing I was still there everyday since I've been back x

  3. This is so cute - I'm glad you had fun! Just been having a nosy through your blog and I absolutely love it x

  4. Ahh it looks so amazing! I love your photos as well :)

    1. It was so lovely, I would definitely recommend going! Thank you so much x

  5. Wow this looks amazing! I've been to a couple of spas before but never been for treatments, I might have to try a massage - it sounds worth it!

    Kirsty xo.