Sunday Adventure, Haynes International Motor Museum.

8 February 2016

Sunday's are for adventures. Last Sunday we traveled up to the Haynes Motor museum in Yeovil. It's the UK's largest exhibition of all the greatest cars from around the world with over 400 amazing cars and bikes, with nostalgic classics of the 50's and 60's - including the fabulous Bentley's, Rolls Royce's and the big super cars of the time. It was like stepping back in time starting from the first car's ever created right through to the modern day. Walking around was magical, as the cars were telling you a story each step of the way. For a car lover like Jon, he was in his element! It was incredible to see how many different cars there actually is, and the amount of hard work that's gone into keeping every single vehicle in pristine condition. 

Take a step inside... 

austin classic car haynes motor museum

classic motor bike first haynes motor museum

classic car tax disc 1984 history nostalgic haynes motor museum

classic car ford model T black nostalgic gold haynes motor museum

It's like taking a step back in time, revisiting the fabulous memories all the car's have to offer. They each tell their own individual story and you can really appreciate the amount of dedication and hard work each car has had to be maintained to such an amazing standard! Every car was in perfect condition - even the mini cooper that had been sawn in half to show you the insides! 

classic car super car model steering wheel interiors haynes motor museum

classic cars red room sports car nostalgic haynes motor museum

hall of motor sports car super car classic car nostalgic haynes motor museum

hall of motor sports classic car line up vauxhall morris minor ford haynes motor museum

Mercedes super car classic white sports car selfie new car haynes motor museum

morris minor classic car lights sign haynes motor museum

usa american super cars classic cars haynes motor museum

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Haynes motor museum, as I absolutely love looking at classic cars. They always make me picture myself driving through a country lane somewhere hot with a picnic basket on the back ready for a picnic in the sun - oh the dream! It was a perfect day out and I would definitely recommend going to visit, you also have free access for up to two years if you keep your first tickets and receipts - so you can take a friend next time round. 
Have you ever been before?

Until next time..
Love, H x  

classic black car nostalgic wicker basket picnic haynes motor museum


  1. Looks lovely - can see my hubs loving this!
    Tori X
    30 plus and beautiful

    1. It was a fabulous day! I'd definitely recommend you going xx

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