Ladival #LoveSPF Rally - Make A Difference!

13 June 2016

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Summer has arrived!
I'm very excited to announce this summer I have teamed up with Ladival as one of the ambassadors for the Ladival #LoveSPF rally campaign that launched at the start of June! It's such an exciting summer campaign which absolutely everyone can get involved in - fun but at the same time it's for an amazing cause and hopefully we can raise a lot of money together for the Teenage Cancer Trust
Let me tell you a little bit more about how you can help.. 

This year, Ladival is the proud official sun protectors of British Tennis, and are aiming to support and encourage safer play in the sun. Worryingly, nearly 2/3 (61%) of young people aged 13-24 have avoided sunscreen in order to get a better tan, but it is the damage done to your skin when you're young that could lead to skin cancer developing in later life - so as you can imagine, it is vital to get clued up now and protect yourself from the sun as best you can! 

Ladival is launching a worldwide campaign to encourage people to play safely in the sun this summer. The campaign is called '#LoveSPF Rally' and will encourage people to share their sports/outside/summer selfies online with the caption #LoveSPF! Afterwards, tag a friend to continue the rally and for every selfie that is posted Ladival will donate £1 to the Shunburn campaign for the Teenage Cancer Trust!

You Can Make A Difference, Get Involved Today! 

Simply upload your summertime selfie with the hashtag #LoveSPF - then tag however many friends, family and everyone you can think of to continue the rally and post there own selfie. For everyone who posts a selfie, your photo will be worth a fabulous £1 which will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust on your behalf! 
Lets do this!! 

I tag every one of you reading this right now! Lets post some serious selfies! 
See my twitter @hayleyvogel_ & my instagram @haylvogel for my #LoveSPF selfie.

Stay tuned for a fabulous competition I'll be running to WIN a Ladival sports hamper with everything you need this summer! Coming very soon. Can't wait to see your selfies! 

Until next time,
H x

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