YOURTEA review

21 August 2014

Yourtea - Is It Really As Good As Everyone Says?!!

I've seen sooo many posts about the 'Yourtea Teatox' recently, that I found myself browsing the yourtea website ( in search of answering a few of my questions... 'why is this such a craze?!' 'is this tea really as good as everyone is making out?'  
And after a few clicks of the mouse, within one day, my teatox had arrived! 
I can't express to you how excited I was to try it out, I'd heard and seen so many amazing things about it and I was eager to see the result. 

For those of you who don't know much about this product, allow me to elaborate... 
The Yourtea Teatox is a chinese herbal tea designed to cleanse your digestion system, transforming it back to it's natural state. It removes all impurities from the body and is said to reduce bloating, and provide clarity to the skin. 
You're instructed to drink the tea 3 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal... 
and you can choose either a 14 day, or 28 day teatox.

I opted for the 14 day teatox myself, as I wasn't keen on buying such a large amount if I wasn't going to get on well with it.


As soon as my teatox arrived I had my first cup straight away 30 minutes before breakfast... now I have to say, on first taste I admit I wasn't a great fan. But by the fourth day after drinking it so frequently I found myself looking forward to having my next cup! 
At first I didn't really feel it was having much effect, but after finishing the 14 days I can really notice a difference in how I feel... 


Personally I found the tea really helped my skin, and all the little annoying spots that would never disappear, vanished! I experienced hardly any bloating, whereas previously this is something I had trouble with - especially after a meal. I had so much more energy resulting in feeling a lot more alive in the mornings and throughout the day. I also noticed I wasn't as hungry, so I wasn't pigging out as much as I did before.
I started the tea alongside a regular gym routine as well, which again, energy provided from the tea was very helpful in my motivation! I also started to concentrate on healthy eating, so with the 3 combined I really felt so much better in myself.  

I would 100% recommend this teatox for anyone and I'm definitely going to order some more, and I'll be going for the 28 day teatox this time! 

Since finishing the tea though, I have noticed a decrease in my energy levels, and I'm feeling tired a lot more... 
Going back to drinking regular cups of tea was a shock too, as I was only really drinking the teatox and by the end of my 14 days I was really craving my next cup!  

Can't beat a cup of teatox in my favourite tea cup.
My beautiful white and gold polka dot teapot/teacup combo was bought from a cute boutique store called Ushi's.

My perfect relaxation scene.
Book I'm currently reading 'Looking for Alaska' by the fabulous John Green.

                  For more information:

please note: this was just my own personal experience, and when trying out yourtea teatox you may have a different experience as everyone reacts differently to different products! 


  1. Definiately going to try this Tea, great blog by the way, luv simone x

    1. aw thanks simone! i hope you get on well with the tea, let me know how it goes xx

  2. With a few busy weeks on the horizon I have to say the temptation of more energy sounds too good to miss! I will definitely be giving this tea a try....

    1. Hi there, I have to say it really did help with my energy levels-- hope it goes well, please let me know how you got on I would love to hear back from you :)