an O c t o b e r ' s haul

28 October 2014

a little bit of an O c t o b e r haul... 

bunch of gorgeous flowers - boyfriend hehe
benefit mini's - boots 4 for £15!!
garnier cleansing water - superdrug £4.99
mac lipstick - "spirit" colour £15.50
my GORGEOUS new baby, my iphone 5s in gold, i am in love!
stunning quote notebook "jane auston" - t k maxx £4.99
frozen tee "some people are worth melting for" - Primark £6
butterball bath bomb - Lush £2.95
butterbear bath bomb - Lush £1.95

i think i love shopping..

I think it's definitely fair to say, I'm one who adores shopping! However, I'm one who spends wisely with a high street budget. 
I'm very lucky to have the things I own, and am going to point out my posts aren't bragging or showing off - I'm just showing you guys what I've bought in the last few weeks which hopefully gives you a snippet of inspiration. 

Firstly, my beautiful flowers!! eeee. I'm a girl who LOVES flowers, and my boyfriend knows the easiest way to put a smile on my face is through a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (what a cutie).
I nearly missed my train walking through boots when an offer on little benefit mini's caught my eye... it was too good an offer to miss! 4 benefit mini's for £15 - wooowwee! This was really handy to me because I've been wanting to try out these products for ages, but the larger full price benefit makeup is rather pricey, so now I can try these out and see how I get on. -- I have to say, the 'high beam' is LIFE CHANGING. I LOVE it. 

The garnier cleansing water is also a must have. At only £4.99 (I've seen it cheaper in other stores so shop around if this is a bit pricey) it does the trick of taking all makeup off. I was using the No7 cleansing water £9.99, which I have to admit has a much better smell and it does leave your face feeling a lot more refreshed than the garnier water, but they both do the job marvelously. 

I was in search of a new nude autumn lipstick and I saw someone on instagram using this shade of mac lipstick... and I loooove. It's such a nice shade and looks great with pretty much everything! This was my first ever mac product as well.. and I'm definitely going back for more. 
Eeeeeeeee, my olaf tee! I bought a bigger size in this, so I could wear it oversized to bed. Can't wait to be snuggled up wearing the cutest frozen top ever!! 

my first trip to LUSH

I've got to confess, I'd never bought anything from lush before. But after watching a few online hauls I knew a trip was in order. I didn't have much time so I only managed to get two of there ever so large bath bomb collection, but I'm very eager to try them out. I'll keep you posted on the bath bomb front.. 
If any of you have any recommendations with any other lush products pleeease let me know, I'm very eager to convert to lush ways! 

Speak soon, H x


  1. That Olaf shirt is the cutest! Lush bubble bars are really good too, if you like fruity scents brightside and the comforter are beaut :)

    1. eee, i loooooove it too! Ah thank you so much, I'm so new to all of lush's products, didn't have a clue what to try and look out for but will definitely be trying those! Thank you for your comment, I hope you enjoy reading my blog x