11 March 2015

Hello everyone, hope you're well. 
Today's post is about my new found love, possibly the best high lighter of all time?!! I love it THAT much I just HAD to share it with you all. (As you can probably tell from the little hole appearing smack bang in the middle...) 
Okay, so if you're like me and you love the high lighted make-up look then you'll agree when I say it takes time to find one you really love. I had a mini relationship with Benefit's high beam but I'm afraid it's been cast aside to make way for my true high lighting love... 
Let me introduce you to H&M's High Lighter in 'SHIMMERING BEIGE'.

Aaaaah, how beautiful is it just in the little square package?!? 
The colour is the perfect shade, and the shimmer it leaves on the skin is to die for. It doesn't have a pink look on my face, just the transparent shimmer that we all desire. I apply this last, over the top of my bronzer and blush just underneath my eye - giving me a gorgeous light under-eye and high light contour. I apply this using the 'so eco' blush brush, as the brush is very solid and applies it beautifully to the skin. I would recommend using a more solid brush when applying your high lighter (regardless of the brand) as I think it gives you more control and leaves a stronger appearance. 

I bought this high lighter in the H&M sale, and it was only £3!!! Can you believe it! I couldn't find it on their website to link, but I'm sure I've spotted it recently in store. I can't even express into words how amazing I think this product is!!! I'm very fair skinned, so it shows up really well against my makeup. I would 100% recommend this, as being, in my opinion, the best high lighter I've ever used. Please let me know if you've tried this and your thoughts.. AND if you use anything you think is amazing please let me know in the comments below. 

Love, H 


  1. Love the shade! :)

  2. Great find, it looks lovely!


    1. I know, I couldn't believe it when I first tried it! Such a goodie! Thanks so much :) x

  3. Looks amazing!! Can't believe you found this in H&M!! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thanks honey!! I know, neither could I - such a good find!!!! Just shows sometimes you don't need to spend the earth to find something great! xxx

  4. That looks really lovely and such an amazing price too!
    I really like your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check out my post -
    Sarah x

    1. Hey Sarah,
      Thanks so much!! Just had a cheeky look at your blog - i love it! Especially the review on the maybeline mascara, I'm in desperate need of a new one!
      If you don't already, would love you to follow me on bloglovin' so i can keep up with all your recents -
      Lovely to meet you, hope to speak to you soon! :) x

  5. I love your blog so much and have nominated you for the infinity dreams award!

    Alisha x

    1. Hey Alisha - Aw thank you so much! It really means a lot.
      Ooooo I've never heard of this award before! Just checked yours out, it's brilliant! Thanks again for the nomination.
      Do you have bloglovin'? If so, give me a follow and I'll be able to keep up to date with your new posts.
      Lovely meeting you, hopefully speak soon!! :) xx

  6. I would have never expected a H&M Make up product to be that good! Even better than benefit's. Im surprised! And for 3 pounds, what a steal. Lucky you!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. I know, I was so shocked too!! It was in the sale at just £3, very glad I tried it out! Such a great little product.
      Thanks so much for commenting, hopefully speak to you soon :) x