A little bit of a break..

27 April 2015

Heeeeelllo everyone, I hope you're well?
As you might have noticed, I've taken a bit of a break from the blogging world and community recently.. for a number of reasons!
BUT, have no fear, I am back, more then ever ready to start my blogging again - this time, FULL with inspiration.

Just wanted to fill you in on some of what's been happening recently.. before you get excited, it isn't a lot.
So, over a week ago my brother came home from being in hospital for two weeks.. so I was back and fourth from hospital, work and looking after my youngest brother at home (another reason my blogging was put on hold for a little while.) He's home and back to normal now, feeling much better thankfully. It's always a tricky time when his health isn't going to plan but hopefully this will be a boost and he's going to get back on track, hooray!

...I've returned to the gym and healthy eating. Impressive right? Being a member of my gym not only means free unlimited access to the gym itself, it also entitles me to all the classes, swimming and having a personal trainer! 3 weeks ago, myself and two of my friends started attending boxercise class - yes that's right, boxercise. I never thought I'd be one to say it, but I've actually been enjoying the exercise class! It focuses on cardio and gaining strength in your core, upper body and your ab's! I would recommend those who are thinking about exercise, to go to a class! Firstly, if you haven't got a clue what to do in the gym (like me) it's a great work out to do because the instructor tells you what to do.
On top of the class every Wednesday, I've been having personal training sessions (starting last week) for an hour once a week and then fitting in another gym/work out class - so all in all, I'm striving to go 3 times a week. It seems to be going well so far, although, I've never been in so much pain! The aching of an unfit person (like myself) is very painful at the start! I couldn't walk after my first class for a few days after.. haha how embarassing!
Combined with all this activity, I've started to focus on my diet. Like most of us, I love a chinese. They are my downfall. I've tried to make little changes first of all, white bread to wholemeal bread, white pasta to wholemeal pasta, fresh fruit everyday and trying to drink a lot more water throughout the day and before bed.
I'm already seeing an improvement and going to the gym is something I look forward to now, rather then dread. Woohoo!

I'm going to do some more blog posts on some tips, so if you're interested in those keep your eyes peeled.
I've also been doing a lot of shopping.. so am going to be putting some hauls up! Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more of, or if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see.
ALSO, let me know in the comments if you've been up to anything exciting and if you have any health/fitness/gym tips!

Look forward to seeing you in my next post.

Love always, H x

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