Violet Plum Jewellery, Opal Bead Ring: Review*

15 July 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you are well? Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately, but I have returned with something extra special for you. A gorgeous ring review, featuring the very fabulous Violet Plum Jewellery.

Violet Plum is a newbie jewellery brand, having launched only at the start of this year. My first encounter with the brand was via twitter and instagram - where I followed them for updates on there lovely jewellery. They pride themselves on bringing affordable, fashionable costume jewellery to the table - and let me tell you, they've done exactly that. They are also able to give you that little bit something extra special as there jewellery is mostly handmade and local - so you know that love and time has gone into your little handmade treasure.

I was lucky enough to receive this GORGEOUS ring in the post to review - and I looooooove it.

Inside my perfect little purple parcel, was my new Opal Bead Ring, in Gold. When you have a browse on there website, you will see they have loads of different rings, so if you're a silver or gold person there is something for everyone! I'm a L/M ring size, so I ordered the medium size and it fits like a dream.

The little opal bead catches the light beautifully, and the light is able to shine through creating the most luminous of colours. The gold compliments the opal brilliantly, giving you a warm glow when you wear it. It is suggested that you can style these types of rings as stacking rings, something I would definitely consider doing - however, when you're wearing this ring it doesn't feel like you need anything else, you can just wear the opal bead ring on it's own and it still looks just as good. This is something I really love about it, it's simple yet elegant - and right on trend! Also not forgetting the amazing price tag that accompanies it, this gorgeous ring is only £4.95 on the website - wow! I couldn't believe it, all the other items are exceptionally good prices too, so like I always say, don't assume because something looks nice it's going to cost the earth. (This is something I'm extremely guilty off, and sometimes I assume so much I don't even look up the price!)

If you haven't already, head straight over to there website! They have a whole range of different jewellery pieces, from rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You also have the opportunity of requesting your very own bespoke piece of jewellery - being a small independent online business, they are able to handle special requests and will try to please you by creating your very own piece. 

I hope you've enjoyed having a sneak preview into my blog mail this week. 
Love, H x

My Violet Plum Wish List: 

These are a few of my favourite things.. 

Let me know your favourite pieces, and don't forget to send me photo's if you buy anything from the website.

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