Summer Favourites

13 October 2015

I can't believe it's already October and the end of summer is officially upon us. On the very rare days we've had sunshine, I've whipped out my favourite summer products. Unfortunately for everyone living in the UK, umbrella's and rain coats have been on the top of the list when venturing outside - and as far as getting a tan goes, you can forget it! 

I've loved using all of my products this summer, and I'm planning on sneaking them through the autumn months to follow too. Where to start?

My Benefit Roller Lash has created eyelash heaven. I've loved this mascara from the word go, and it works wonders on my lashes. It's voluminous, lengthening and black! I would definitely recommend this to pretty much everyone, it is fab.

The GORGEOUS Yves Saint Lauren lipstick. This has been my go to lipstick ever since I purchased it in Harrods last December. The colour is stunning, and it's not a too 'in your face' overpowering red colour. The texture is incredible, and it glides across your lips so wonderfully. It's very moisturizing as well, so it doesn't feel like your lips are all dry and stuck together - divine.

The bronzer I've been reaching for the most is Rimmel's 'Natural Bronzer' and again, I have to say I love it. The colour is perfect for my skin tone, and it gives a soft glow to my cheek bones. If I want to achieve the slightly darker bronzed look, it is perfect for layering!

Topshops Magic Liner. I LOVE it. I've never tried any of Topshop's beauty products before other than a few lipsticks and I have to say I'm impressed with this liquid eyeliner. Any topshop beauty recommendations would be amazing, please leave me a comment with some products you love!

(Products that can also be seen are: Bondis Sands tanning milk, Intimately Beckham perfume, gold eyelash curlers and Clarins eyeshadow and blush palette - more to follow on these.)

What have been your summer favourites this year?

Love, H x

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