Hidden Treasures, London Restaurant Find: The Bird In Hand

13 December 2015 London, UK

When visiting London a few weeks ago we came across a few hidden treasures for both dinner and breakfast. There's nothing better than stumbling across a fabulous restaurant when visiting a beautiful city, it's the hidden gems that make the trips that little bit more special and they are often hidden around the corner of a back street. We were lucky enough to come across the gorgeous restaurant The Bird In Hand. It was Italian cuisine with a twist. The atmosphere was buzzing and we knew we'd come to the right place instantly. We were shown to our table and ordered a glass of wine whilst browsing the menu. The place was packed, and with the smell of freshly made pizza filling the air I knew the place had me all over it. It was definitely my kind of place! They had a selection of pizza's and a load of tapas dishes on the menu. We had a mixture of everything, having a few tapas dishes combined with a drop dead gorgeous freshly stone baked pizza topped with rocket, parma ham and parmasan cheese. 

It was delicious. 

If you're ever in the area I would definitely recommend you go and try this place out. I will be returning the next time I'm in London, as the thought of the pizza is making my mouth water.

Fabulous find, in a fabulous city.

Until next time,
H xx


  1. Lovely pictures hun : ) and your food looks amazing! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thank you lovely!! The food was honestly lovely. I can't wait to go back!! xx