Press Day at Goodley Bullen PR London*

9 December 2015 London, UK

Hi everyone, I hope you are all fabulous and enjoying the first few weeks of December! I can't believe we only have a few weeks left of 2015.. how exciting. I can't wait to see what the new year will bring for me and the blog, I've got so many exciting things planned and I can't wait to share them with you along the way. I'm sorry for the delay in recent posts, I've been very poorly tucked up in bed with what felt like the end of the world - much to my sadness the Doctor telling me it was a virus and they had nothing to give me to make me feel better, that is the worst!! However, I am back and hopefully will be posting regularly with all my latest stories and adventures.

To start off,
The very fabulous trip I had to London for the Press Day held at Goodley Bullen PR! I was very privileged to have been invited to the press day to preview the samples from the fabulous designers who were showcasing there new season collections... and let me tell you, we're all in for a treat next season! Included in the designers was the jeweller who made Princess Kate's wedding earrings, and a couple of the clothes designers that she often wears - how insane is that?! Included in the gorgeous display was also Gemporia, who you will know if you have been following my blog for a while is a much loved jewellery brand of mine. The collections were truly magical and they have something for everyone - whether you are a young lady interested in the latest fashion trends to a slightly older sophisticated lady who loves fine jewellery and class, Gemporia is the brand for you.

Anyway, enough of that, let me show you around...

We started off with a GORGEOUS spread of food, freshly prepared and baked by the fabulous Sasha Wilkins, the blogger behind Sasha has recently bought out her very own cookbook 'Friends, Food, Family' (which is next on my wishlist) and I was able to have a little taster of some of the gorgeous recipes inside. Her book is now available to buy! My particular favourite was the green juice, which tasted delicious.. and I can imagine is very nutritious at the same time. Another love of mine were the bagels, oh my goodness - they were divine. I am one who LOVES a bagel, so that was the perfect browsing food for me. 

Bagels and Exclusive Designers - what could be better?

The room was filled with exciting and up coming season fashion, and I loved seeing what the latest trends are going to be. I couldn't pinpoint a certain collection to focus on because I honestly loved them ALL. From bobble hats with removable bobbles, to Princess dresses and thousands of pounds worth of necklace this room had it all.

It was like heaven in a room.

Designers such as Suzannah, Tallis, Citizens of Humanity, Chinti and Parker, Tara Jarmon, Monica Vinader and Pretty Ballerinas.. to name a few were all showcasing at this fabulous event.

Gemporia was one of the brands I was very excited to see! I had had a meeting with Gemporia a few weeks before and got a tiny sneak peek of the new collections so I knew I was going to love them before I saw them. If you've never heard of Gemporia before, they are a fairly new jewellery brand who have just hit the market bringing you the most gorgeous selection of jewellery! They focus on providing good quality precious metals and genuine gemstones but for a fraction of the high street price. They pride themselves on delivering top quality gold and silver products making sure there prices can't be beaten. They believe beautiful jewellery shouldn't cost the earth.

The jewellery is perfect for all ages, and I guarantee you will find the perfect piece. In particular I loved the dainty bracelets which are easily stack-able or for a simple elegant touch can be worn on there own. The stacker ring collection is a must have, and I LOVE the new diamond collection pieces that are coming out - I will be sure to update you when they come out for you to buy. 

Who would have thought you could buy yourself a diamond ring without breaking the bank?! 
I can safely say, my jewellery collection is about to get a looooot bigger.

I also have an exclusive 30% discount code for you all to use at Gemporia by midnight on 31st December, use code BLOG30 at checkout to receive your discount!

And there we have it! A little insight into the fabulous press day at Goodley Bullen PR. It was a fantastic day and I was so thankful to have been invited along. I'd like to thank the gorgeous girls who showed me around all the different designers and the lovely lady who put on the food spread, you were all great. I can't wait to see what you all think of the magical designs for next season.

Until next time London, it's been fabulous once again. 

Love, H xx

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