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2 February 2018

With A Big Cup Of Tea & A Fabulous Mascara."

And a fabulous mascara they are! I was so excited to try out the new mascaras that were hitting the beauty world lately and I was even more excited because they did not disappoint. I'm normally a complete fuss pot when it comes to my makeup, having such sensitive skin I have to be so careful.. (I don't know what on earth some brands put into their products but it does not agree with my little face!) I struggle to find mascaras that separate my lashes rather than clump them together like spiders - which is a definite NO NO when it comes to lashes. My lashes are naturally long so a lot of mascaras don't work at all for me, I think the brush on the wand really does make a humongous difference. The selfie mascara by Tanya Burr is brilliant! I use this as a first coat because the brush is so good, it's designed to move along with your eyelashes as you apply separating them all - I know right! A few coats of this goes a long way, and it's perfect to layer for a fuller lash or just apply once for a natural eye. Tanya, you've really captured the perfect mascara & a fabulous name!

Joan Collins beauty range - A collection that's only been around for about a year, available at Marks & Sparks. Lets just take a second, to admire the beautiful luxurious gold packaging MAKEUP GOALS OR WHAT?! It looks amazing sitting in my handbag alongside my perfume bottle. I was lucky enough to receive some lipsticks and the mascara in the range, I believe there are a few newer pieces so I would definitely check it out! The lipsticks are a m a z i n g. 
My lips are always dry, so I often try to stick to slightly higher end lipsticks purely because they are so moisturising.. AND moisturising these bad boys are! Colours featured are 'Suzy Star' & 'Evelyn'. (Have linked everything down below for easy shopping!) The mascara is equally as good, with a full brush to give an all over voluminous lash.

They really are, Beauty Must Haves. Love, Love, Love!

Until next time honeys,
H x

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

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